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It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait. He jumped.It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait. He jumped.   The Earth was a beautiful place until that cold December day in 1986, in the wine country town of Sonoma, California. On that day, God felt She had the perfect track record, and decided to fuck up a mold. Just for kicks. From the clay which lined that mold, J. Quinzelle was born to unsuspecting Mexican immigrant parents.

    Growing up, J. learned the virtues of patience, the importance of respect, and the power of knowledge from his parents, something J. used to atone for his Original Sin. J. dedicated himself to his studies, excelling in school, admittance into the GATE program, and winning several academic awards. From early on, J. found he had a creative drive. One that would prove magical in the midst of chaos.

    Outside of school, J. not only competed in academic competitions, but also in martial arts tournaments, as a student of Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu. For over 7 years, J. worked into achieving a first-degree black belt. He would later achieve a second degree. In tournaments, J. would compete in kata and kumite, bringing home third, second, and even first place. Although J. studied martial arts, he is opposed to violence.

    Life was sunny in J.'s early years. It wasn't until he turned 15, that J. began experiencing symptoms of depression. Coupled with the dissolving marriage of his parents, social inadequacies, and those gorram hormones, J. quickly spiraled out of control. In the midst of dropping out of martial arts and high school, struggling to hold a job, and suicidal tendencies, J. found solace, not only in weed and alcohol, but in writing.

    After years of treatment and hospitalization, a successful attempt at a GED, an unsuccessful attempt at college, J.'s life hit a wall. Nothing to show, no progress made. J. was stuck.

    And then, the gap. For a period, J.'s memory lapses. He can't recall many events.

    At around 22, J. met a woman who would later briefly become his fiance. It was a turbulent relationship of homelessness, hospitalization, suicide attempts, drugs, a miscarriage and anarchy. This relationship pushed J. to a brink in his well-being.

    After leaving the woman, J. found stability in medication, meditation, and family. He tried college once more, majoring in Theater. At Cerritos College, J. studied acting, furthering his studies in private with an acting mentor. J. loved acting, but didn't find the theater suited him.

    It wasn't until J. discovered the film program on campus that he found a passion for screenwriting. With screenplays, J. could tell his stories efficiently and watch them come to life, creating and destroying worlds. This passion gave J. purpose. J. soon excelled in school, earning a place on the Dean's List, graduating in 2018.

    J. Quinzelle currently lives in the Los Angeles area and is attempting a career in writing and acting.

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