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I... don't... feel so good. I... don't... feel so good. Aside from Harley Quinn, J. loves his Silent Hill.

The game franchise scared the shit out of him more than once.

Now, J. wants to try his hand in scaring the shit out of you.

This isn't a jump-scare teen horror. This is dark. And twisted.

"There was a hole here. It's gone now.""There was a hole here. It's gone now."



Joseph Schreiber was a recognized journalist in Ashfield, investigating an orphanage on the outskirts of Silent Hill. The orphanage was rumored to be home to a zealous cult and child abuse, which Joseph was to uncover. Little did Joseph know that a supernatural serial killer had been slaughtering in the name of his god, in association with the orphanage's wicked history. It isn't until finding himself trapped in his own apartment that Joseph begins to realize the terror that the cult wishes to unleash on the world and his own role in it all. A mysterious hole in his bathroom wall is Joseph's only escape. Problem is, on the other end of the hole, a new nightmare awaits.


Based on the hit KONAMI video game franchise and characters.




"Silent Hill 302" was the first screenplay I started writing, and the one with the most care and thought put into it, evolving over the years. Other than a big Harley Quinn fan, I'm a Silent Hill fan.

Inspired by Silent Hill 4 The Room, this story attempts to parallel the plot of the video game, without needing prior knowledge of the games. How this is done, by creating an original story, that of Joseph Schreiber, within Silent Hill 4's plot, which has as large, if not greater, impact on the main plot's outcome. So, whatever occurs in the game, it is overshadowed by what happens in the film. I found that this way, I could entertain and satisfy newcomers and fans.

"Silent Hill 302" has received praise from evaluations for the disturbing atmosphere, likable and interesting characters, and intimidating antagonist. Its main critique is that the story may be a bit confusing. To this I say, that was intentional. It does get complicated, but never overwhelming or insulting. The complexity is for the return, for those hungry to revisit the terror.

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