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"Would-be thieves out to end all debts, public and private.""Would-be thieves out to end all debts, public and private."CLICK HERE FOR SCRIPT DOWNLOAD 


Jewel and Silver, two outsider parents from a nowhere town, are in desperate need of money. Jewel's daughter is graduating high school with big dreams and Silver's home is being repossessed by the bank. Together, they form a plan to end their financial woes.

The duo set out to a bank in a neighboring town with the intention to rob it blind. But right from the beginning the plan shows its faults as those shown in the would-be thieves. Problem is, how will they pay their dues if the plan falls through?




"Non¢ent$" was originally titled "Heist?", and was a short scene intended for very small scale production. I was actually planning on filming it myself with a little help. But when I posted the script on Reddit, in order to refine the manuscript, I received enough positive reception to revisit the script and expand on the idea.

"Non¢ent$" went from an 8 page scene of bickering to a 17 page narrative with multiple scenes. The intention was still intact though, with the scenes being small scale and low budget friendly. These additional scenes fleshed out the characters with history and the motivations behind the heist. The change in title was due to request on Reddit.

I wanted this story to be about miscommunications and misunderstandings, but, overall, I wanted it to be humorous.

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