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"Heaven? Hell? He's the kid with the demon.""Heaven? Hell? He's the kid with the demon." CLICK HERE FOR SCRIPT DOWNLOAD


Gemini grew up in a world plagued with demons, where faith is a rarity. It is in this world, at age thirteen, Gemini becomes possessed by the demon known as Legion. In his possession, Legion tells Gemini that his body has been ruined and there is no going back. Little does Legion know how clever Gemini is, when Gemini convinces Legion to co-inhabit his body; Gemini controlling body and mind, Legion the soul. 


These unions, given the title of Wayward, do not sit well with neither Lucifer or Lord, hence the apparition of Dante, a mercenary for the Ethereal Kingdoms. Dante commands Legion to destroy three Waywards if he wishes to not be destroyed himself, along with Gemini. 
With the aid of Father, the last known Catholic priest and talented demon hunter, granted the gift of extended life through genetic tampering, Gemini must exterminate these Waywards in order to survive.

Little do Father and Gemini know, shit is going to go straight to Hell.




Ethereal Vanity is the title of a universe in which I create my own renditions of Western religious lore. This is NOT your Bible-thumping, feel-good movie. We Are Legion is the first entry in this universe, which I feel is a proper introduction.

Inspired by possession films like .REC and The Exorcist, Satanic films like The Omen and Rosemary's Baby, and sprinkled with comic book appreciation for titles like Battle Pope and Loaded Bible, We Are Legion is one Hell of a ride.

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