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This suit is chafing me!This suit is chafing me!"J. loves his Harley Quinn stories.

From her Batman The Animated Series debut, to her solo outings in the comic books.

It was only a matter of time until J. decided to write his own Harley story.

This one is quite mad."

"How far would you go for love? She'd go insane.""How far would you go for love? She'd go insane."

FULL script PDF coming soon!

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel was raised in the chaos of a broken home, yet she managed to climb her way out of that pit through career. From her first year at Arkham Asylum as a psychiatrist, her peers recognized her talent and potential. So much, that even Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, head of the asylum, bestowed upon her a great responsibility and honor: the high profile mystery known as the Joker. Little does Dr. Arkham, or anyone else for that matter, realize Dr. Quinzel has been anticipating this moment throughout her career.


Dr. Quinzel's understanding of the Joker is a sympathetic one, seeing him as a victim of abuse from law enforcement and vigilantes. She refuses to accept the general consensus that he is evil and a monster. To Dr. Quinzel, the Joker is an ill patient in need of care. To the Joker, Dr. Quinzel is another mind to mangle.


Outside the asylum, an already mangled mind has also an obsession with the Joker. A long gone girl with no name, no identity. She stalks Dr. Quinzel, looking for a way in to Joker.


Throughout their sessions, the Joker manipulates Dr. Quinzel's sympathy, even toying with her fascination for him, until the doctor feels nothing less than the pure intoxication of passions. Dr. Quinzel falls for the Joker. Hard.


Dr. Quinzel helps Joker escape, and in gratitude, he attempts to murder her. Several times. Yet, each time, when Dr. Quinzel plans her vengeance, she is taken by Joker's charisma.


Through a series of crime sprees, Joker molds Dr. Quinzel into a criminal, until she ultimately learns to kill, fully becoming the Joker's latest victim of manipulation; Harley Quinn.


In the background, the mysterious deranged girl finds a jealousy in Quinn's relationship with the Joker, and seeks to destroy Quinn's life, at any cost.


Quinn's psyche will be tested and twisted, but how much more can she take?


Based on the DC comics characters.




"Broken Hearts & Painted Smiles" is a reimagining of Harley Quinn's origin. A combination of New 52, Rebirth, and classic Harley, this story introduces the element of family to the Joker and Quinn relationship, with a third wheel in play, the Joker's Daughter. There is also a focus on Quinn's relationship with her co-workers at Arkham Asylum.

My objective with "BH&PS" was to tell Harley Quinn's origin like it hasn't been told before, bringing unique takes on the characters, and a deeper look into Joker and Quinn's psychology.

This was a work of passion, as I'm a huge Harley Quinn geek and fan. It was a long time coming, but I feel I have something which would please the Quinntets out there.


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