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"He refused to give in to the town that takes all.""He refused to give in to the town that takes all."



Known writer, Harry Mason, thought the nightmare was over when he left Silent Hill, but the trauma runs deep. With a new baby girl, born from the unknown, Harry must fight his emotions and drinking habits in order to be a father.


As Harry carries the memories from that night in Silent Hill, a man recognizes Harry for a murder of a police officer which occurred around that time at that hellish place. Harry knows he can't escape the town.


For years, Harry fights to suppress the fear, be a dad, but the terror keeps coming, claiming lives, until, ultimately, claiming Harry's.




Silent Hill - Remnants is my attempt to bring my writing to a smaller scale, as in a short film. It is also my intention to create short stories based on the same property for free to produce.

I felt there was a large gap between the games Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3, which are lightly touched upon within the games. A song called "Hometown" from the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack seems to tell Harry's story in a poetic way. I wanted to expand on this. Of course, I added much to the story leading up to Harry's death, but tried not to stray from the source material.

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