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The Hum


"It's relentless. It's unholy. It'll drive you mad."


Scott isn't happy with his life. He has identity problems, an aggravating roommate, and, after a botched suicide attempt, he hears an ongoing maddening hum. The hum is everywhere at every time. Scott's roommate, Blake, thinks Scott's suffering is a joke. Blake won't find it funny any longer when Scott gives in to the hum's dark power.


The Hum was created for Film 101, or Motion Picture Production namely. The objective with this assignment was to create a five (5) minute short narrative. In writing The Hum, I went overboard and created a ten (10) minute story. My professor was not pleased with the length of the film.

Again, as in Selfie. I worked with no budget. Although, this time, I had a higher grade camera, a Canon Vixia. The Hum was filmed in my home and I used my brother again as talent.

The Hum was inspired by a YouTube video I watched regarding unexplained medical abnormalities. One example, was a low frequency hum which certain people claim they can hear at all times. One theory is that the hum is the resonance of the Earth's magnetic field. I took that and created the Satanic element for the hum in this movie.

As I did in Selfie., The Hum was filmed and edited by me solely. Instead of a music soundtrack, I wanted the audience to experience the ongoing hum. So, I recorded myself humming.

Although I think The Hum could use work, I'm quite pleased with the end result.

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