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"The deeper we look into ourselves, the stranger we become."


Winter has issues. To deal with them, his therapist suggested he create a video log. During his logging, Winter discovers a strange note at his doorstep. Picking up the note, Winter begins to hear a mocking, disembodied voice. It's time for Winter to change.


Selfie. was my first short film attempt. It was created for an editing class, early in my film career. I mean, really early. I think it was my first semester of film.

I admit, the story for this one isn't strong at all. This was after a screenwriting class, but before receiving private coaching. Also, it was written in a couple days and went into production without extensive revision.

Still, I find Selfie. to have its unique charm and may look into remaking it with a higher grade cell phone camera.

The goal with Selfie. was to tell a complete story in a short film with no budget or location. Why? Because I was flat broke. So, I decided to use a cell phone in my room.

The music is NOT original. They are snips and clips of Akira Yamaoka's music from the Silent Hill video game franchise. Although I feel the music works, I do wish I took the time to create original music, as I did with Art: Artist's Cut.

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