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Art: The Artist's Cut


"He bled for his art. Now, you will too."


Art is peculiar. He is a successful artist, but never revels in the fame. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate the recognition. Such is the case with young Clarice, an admirer of Art's work. So taken by Art's latest painting, Clarice offers to buy it, but Art finds her beauty too inspiring to charge her, so he gifts her the painting. Now, Art has a blank space on the wall he must fill. And he knows who he is to paint next. Art stalks Clarice, filming her to capture her motions, all with the intention of making Clarice into one of his paintings, and capturing her final breath.


Art: The Artist's Cut was created for a second editing class I took. It's the first film I worked on a team for. The objective of this project was for our group to use the same footage and create individual unique cuts for class. In doing so, I created three (3) cuts: one with restricted footage (no releases) for class, The Artist's Cut, and an Alternate Ending cut. The only differences between The Artist's Cut and the class cut was a montage with San Francisco footage and the alternate ending was spliced into the middle of the film, since the assignment called for one comedic event.

Art: The Artist's Cut was inspired by necessity. We had a white sound stage and were going to receive footage from an art museum with white walls. The footage we needed to use was from San Francisco, an art heavy city. And we were required to make it a horror. So, I put the pieces together and, as the designated screenwriter, wrote Art.

Originally, I was not going to star in the film. I was supposed to write and direct, using a smaller person as Art. But, as we discussed the film, the now director wanted me as Art. Since I have never directed and acted simultaneously, I gave up the reigns of director to be Art. I believe we made the right decision.

The Alternate Ending was not my idea. I find it silly, I but liked how it served as an ending on its own.

It's inspired by The Breakfast Club.

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