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Very early "Shy of Interruption" logo.Very early "Shy of Interruption" logo.

This page is dedicated to the little videos I made here and there, either for school or myself.

Here, I showcase a lot of my early projects.

The quality varies, but I had fun making them and feel they have a certain heart to them.


I will continue to update this page as I produce more content.

"Litter" was a class assignment in which I had to make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) capable of fitting a 30 second time slot.

The PSA is simple in concept, I explain what is litter and what is littering without littering myself.

It's a very rough video, and the riverbed was dry when filmed, which I would preferred with water, but I find it effective in concept. With better production it could be more effective.

From the same class as the "Litter" PSA, this Kewpie mock commercial is also simple in nature.

Inspired by the Pepsi test from the 90s, this project featuring Carlos Lamas, has him sampling two different mayonnaise brands, one being Kewpie. Of course, he prefers Kewpie.

I think the crudeness of this video adds a charm to it. I still chuckle after Carlos takes a spoonful of Kewpie and tries to smile, holding back a gag.

Also from the same class of "Litter" and the Kewpie mock ad, this 7Up mock commercial is a play on the classic Mexican urban myth, that 7Up can cure most ailments. Even George Lopez joked on it once.

In this ad, we have a 7Up Hero appearing to give a car accident victim 7Up to aid him. After giving him 7Up, the Hero vanishes into the bushes.

I think this is more a testament of my ad copywriting abilities, than my directing skills. I really like this one for how silly it is.

This mock Aleve commercial was for an acting for the camera class. I came up with the concept and copy. It's very simple and was meant as an exercise, not a project. Still, you know, fuggeditboutit!

Cinematography class was a mixed experience. I appreciate the craftsmanship in working with light and shooting, but f-stops aren't by thing. This was my cinematography project, which the assignment was to recreate a scene by lighting and shot. As you can tell, acting was off beat and location was terrible, but I feel I did manage to capture the essence of lighting and shots with what I had. The scene is from Jurassic Park.

Improvisation wasn't easy for me. I stuttered, I tripped on words, but this phone call somehow managed to pull out that actor in me. I actually managed to tell a story using no scripted dialogue. I'm quite pleased by this improv call. It was for an acting class.

Jackie Lambaren and I acted a scene out from "Clerks." for an acting class. The class revolved around acting for the camera, thus the editing.

Both Jackie and I were quite green at the time, and it shows.

My first attempt at directing a music video for an acting class, "play." was just raw and simple.

What was the assignment? Don't recall. But, we worked in groups and each played a role.

I put this together as best I could with the little skills I had at the time.

"Sorrow's Masochist" is one of my most beloved poems.

Originally written over a decade ago, the first version was lost after much chaos. But, given the nature and meaning of the poem, I couldn't be without it. So, I wrote a new version, with the same beat of the original, but a more refined taste.

The beat was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".

This is a little review of PlayStation 4 game, "Foul Play", edited with the native PS4 editing program, "Share Factory".

I usually avoid making reviews, as I feel I don't have the credit to judge the work of others, but I made the exception to test out "Share Factory".

"Share Factory" was very easy to use, and here is the result.

The following is a music video created in my first editing class. It was filmed with a cell phone and edited to the song, "River of Deceit" by Mad Season.

It's a brief, simple story of depression and drug abuse. The music video itself tells of a day in the mind of the featured person.

Personally, I think it could have been much better, but because it was one of my first projects, I have a place for it in my heart.

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